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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 16, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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ufc championship rhorousey loses for the first time and what will be the next challenge in the ring as looks to rend. >> julie: one of the victims
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to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> daniel: in the attack a man's son was in the attack and took five hours to find out if the son survived.
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>> we had to call every hospital in paris and it was chaos and nobody kw where he was. >> daniel: he is a paris resident and spent tim in lexington in middle and high school. >> julie: vigil held last ght at colle campus for the first known american killed in the attacks on paris. 23-year-old was known to her friends and family as mimi and student at long beach and living out her dream studying in paris for the semester and this morning she is being remembered for bubbly personality. >> buyant bubbly personality and no shortage of anything couldn't ask her to do and she had be there for us.
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this image on instagram, best friend, angel and most important person in the life. >> daniel: this morning hearing terrifying account of woman that survived attacks by pretending to be dead. 22-year-old isabelle posted picture of bloodied shirt on facebook and survived the shootings by playing dead for more than an hour. south african woman says a stranger used her body to shield her head during the shooting. she writes in her post that everyone needs to move forward by focusing on heroic actions of strangers and her post has been shared and liked millions of times on facebook. >> julie: scaling back pretending mere of the final hunger games movie. the red carpet event is tonight in los angeles. lions gate the rest of the event will go on as plan to honor franchise's plans. mocking jay ii is last and part was filmed in paris.
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>> daniel: crude oil and euro said to likely fall this week and make travelers hesitant hurting stocks of major airlines and fear what the attacks will do to keep parts of the global economy but any impact is expected to be short and so far asian stocks endured a selloff which is a good sign for wall street. daniel: facebook taking flak for activating safety check feature after the paris attacks and allows users to notify the friends they are safe and some people ask why facebook didn't use that feature after thursday's deadly bombings in beirut lebanon and ceo says until now facebook only used feature during natural disasters and now be turned on after some other disasters as well. >> julie: 9:46 and look at roads where things are looking so much lighter and stalled car on 93 south right at the cloverleaf but overall volume has improved. a little bit sluggish around 128 southbound through lexington.
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clip and here is live look through brighton which is such improved when we showed it to you around 9:15 this morning and live drive time 13 minutes on route 128 to the tobin and 31 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connect and her 23 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. fox25 storm tracker shiri spear joining us now and what we have to look forward to today. >> shiri: brightening up already and especially after noon time today golden with the sunshine and afternoon winds gust 25 miles per hour and noticeable and add a little midst to the air this afternoon and next rain thursday and two fridays we have a couple days here of dry conditions and 50
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and early morning clouds and notice clouds in the forecast and lunchtime today and it clouds fade away and 55 at 1:00 p.m. and 54 at 3:00 p.m. so after about 2:00 this afternoon and temperatures start to slip and cold air and basically from canada today and temperatures going up by couple more degrees in boston and today don't expect that we will squeeze out much more of warm-up. noon time comes along there's the fading clouds into the afternoon with clear conditions and 55 in boston, 57 in framingham and 56 in fitchburg and warmest temperature readings coming out of southeastern massachusetts where we get into the upper 50s in taunton and carver, mattapoisett wareham today, 57 in brockton and braintree and those are going to be some of the warmer spots
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versus into southern new hampshire and northeastern massachusetts where we top out in the low to middle 50s if we are lucky so temperatures tonight actually fall back into 30s and 20s and 34 by the time the sun comes up tomorrow morning and 20s all across the interior and waking up to freezing temperatures and cool sunshine rule thursday forecast and stuck in the 40s and transition to thursday and wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. and there's the next round of sunshine and changes are coming into town and a little bit of transition day. here come those clouds moving in from the west late not any rain drops attached to them right here but rain going to go up and peak between the middle of the day thursday and middle of the day on friday and saturday going to dry us out again but sunday see the slight risk of a shower right now uncertain whether it
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light snow or rain and 57 and average 48 , i know i'm going above some of the temperatures and forecasted high 46 boston and beverly and gillette and foxborough and 48 in nashua and 47 in hyannis and 49 in nantucket and back up to 50 with late clouds and thursday rain moving in and does mean it is going to be a mild day and breezy and damp with showers really peaking late in the evening and overnight hours and early on friday and dry, 48 and partly sunny on saturday and light clouds with sprinkle or flurry. back to you guys. >> daniel: on the run and covered in stripes.
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>> daniel: taking you to breaking news where president obama speaking. >> working closely with the french partners as nepursue the
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suspects and france strong counterterrorism partner and stream lining the process in which we share intelligence and operational military informational with france. this will allow the personnel to pass threat information to french partners more quickly and more often and need to be doing everything we can to protect against more attacks and protect the citizens. tragicically paris is not alone and outrageous attacks by isil in beirut, last month in ankra and routinely in iraq. here at g20 they send unmistakable message we are
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to degrade and ultimately destroy the barbaric terrorist organization and comprehensive strategy using all elements of the power. military, intelligence, economic, development and strength of communities. we have always understood this would be a long-term campaign and there will be setbacks and successes and terrible events in paris were obviously a tesh -- terrible and sickening setback and can't lose site and can't lose progress being made. coalition intensifying air strikes more than 8,000 to date
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commanders, leaders and iraqi forces taking back and much the border region with turkey and opsession forces who were working to cut off supply lines to isil strongholds and controls lester tory than it did before and made point to fellow leaders want the progress to be sustained more nations need to
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fight demands. best voices to discredit isil warped ideology. humanitarian front do more individually and collectively to address the agony of the syrian people and united states already largest donor to the syrian people and some $4.000000000 in aid so far and winter approaches and additional supplies including clothing and generators to united nations and appeal for syria has less than half the funds needed. today i'm again calling on more nations to contribute the resources this crisis demands.
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the countries like turkey, lebanon and jordan which already buried an extraordinary burden cannot be expected to do so alone. at the same time all of our countries have to secure the security and mine with the american people and even as we accept more refugees including syrians we do so only have subjecting them to rigorous screening and security checks and remember that many of these refugees and victims of terrorism themselves and ensure our own security and can and must do both. finally we have begun to see some modest progress on the diplomatic fronts which is critical because a political
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war in syria and unite the syrian people and world against isil and vian talks marked first time that all the key countries have come together. as a result i would add american leadership and reached a common understanding. with this weekend's talks there's a path forward. negotiations between the syrian opposition and the syrian regime under the auspices of the united nations, transition toward more inclusive representative government and new constitution followed by free elections and alongside the political process cease-fire in the civil war even as we continue to fight against silly and these are obviously ambitious goals and hopes for diplomacy and syria have been dashed before and there are any number of ways latest diplomatic portion could fault and her still disagreements between the parties including most
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